I Sound Familiar


I called this page I Sound Familiar because it used to live on the LunaSea side of my life. Seeing as how LunaSea has become all about books I decided to bring my quick and dirty 100 to the more personal side of things. So, here it is: (as requested/challenged to write for 2009! Updated in 2010. Changed in 2011. And again in 2012):
1) I was born in Maine,
but 2) never found a way to stay there.
3) I have dreams of going home,
4) but I can’t find my way.
5) I hated everything about high school
6) I liked college (both schools) and
7) loved Grad School but
9. ) I couldn’t wait to graduate from any of them.
9) I dream of running marathons,
10) and swimming with turtles,
11) making candles and
12) writing a book.
13) I have a bad hip
and 14) don’t swim well,
15) and my life is too transparent for a book, so
16) I’ll just make candles.
17) I have scars you can’t see.
18. ) and some you can.
19) I love to cook and,
20) I collect cookbooks
and 21) treat them like diaries yet,
22) I STILL refuse to cook for anyone who isn’t family or friend because
23) I am afraid to let anyone else taste my love.
24) I talk to ghosts.
25) I love to read to the point of obsession
and 26) have been trying to read every book Nancy Pearl indexed in Book Lust and More Book Lust and Book Lust To Go.
27) I don’t care if I don’t finish this challenge. Yes, I do.
28.) Barbara Kingsolver still is my all-time favorite author
and 29) the cello is my favorite musical sound.
30) I don’t watch real estate shows constantly anymore
31) because we bought a house (finally).
32) I don’t watch a lot of tv except
33) The Closer (TNT) is still my favorite show (until it goes off the air later this year).
34) I don’t get to the movies often enough. (okay, never – thanks NetFlix)
35) I call myself a knitter even though
36) I’ve never made anything wearable and
37) I’ve only taken one beginner class that lasted 8 weeks.
38.) I am piecing together a third fourth blanket (finally)!
39) I still hate the phone
40) but I’m a texting fiend thanks to the Droid (just ask FF).
41) I am a begin-again (and again) runner.
42) It took me a long time to believe that even though
43) I have run a half marathon and
44) As of May 2012 I have walked 240 miles for Just ‘Cause. I’m a lifer.
45) I prefer running in parks or on Monhegan but
46) do okay on the treadmill in my workout room.
47) I am left handed but
48.) have learned to use my right.
49) I have a secret desire to play Rock Band, but
50) I am afraid to tell my husband because he is way too good on drums!
51) I can’t sing at all.
52) I dance even worse.
53) I am not a vegetarian but
54) I act like it sometimes.
55) I am obsessed with rinsing my hair
56) I can’t leave the shower without spinning first.
57) I love music and
58.) am addicted to bootlegs of shows that were before my time.
59) Natalie Merchant is my favorite voice but
60) I support unsigned musicians like
61) Rebecca Correia and Sean Rowe (my favorite unsigned artists).
62) The drums are my favorite instrument and
63) my husband’s my favorite drummer.
64) I am very much married
and 65) love my life.
66) I have two nephews,
67) a sister,
68.) a mom,
69) and TWO cats.
70) I want a pug but
71) I’ll take an herb garden first.
72) I write when I’m angry,
73) I write when I’m sad,
74) I write to sort out confusion
or 75) express excitement.
I guess I could say 76) I write all the time. Some of it makes it here or there.
77) Nothing scares me more than cancer.
78.) I lost my first pet
and 79) my grandmother to the disease.
80) I am also bugged out by centipedes,
81) mechanically separated chicken parts,
and 82) hippos.
83) I have overcome a fear of dogs,
84) ants (to a certain degree)
and 85) socializing (sort of). Give me time. I’ll like you eventually.
86) I hate the sound of the wind
but, 87) love the rain.
88.) I love the ocean most of all.
89) I love photographing trees in winter
90) and Monhegan sunsets.
91) I cherish my friends
and 92) keep only the very best around.
93) I like to write long letters
94) and send Christmas cards.
95) I try to never forget anniversaries and birthdays
96) but I procrastinate and am often late.
97) I come across as a snob, but
98.) really, I think you are laughing at me.
99) I prefer one on one conversations.
100) I know I am still afraid to die.

Now for the disclaimer: I write these blogs for myself. I don’t apologize for poor grammar, punctuation, or spelling. I won’t shirk from the truth as I see it, nor will I avoid emotional outbursts. I started writing as a way to deal with the inner rant, otherwise known as the crap that gets to me, eats me up. If you have been invited here know that you are trusted and loved very, very much. If you stumbled here because of something I said, welcome welcome welcome. Keep all hands and feet inside the ride and please don’t feed the animals. Welcome to my world.

Edit to add: You may have noticed this place is also for keeping in touch. Make a comment and I will almost always respond. It’s my chance to talk to you and you and you.


2 thoughts on “I Sound Familiar

  1. Ben Kline

    Reading your blog reminds me of our creative writing class with Mr. Graham.

    • I think I write the same way still except I don’t pay attention to “the rules” anymore. I find I’m too confined if I care too much! LOL 🙂

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