My No is Your First Yes

So that wonky left foot I last wrote about? Still wonked. Despite the fact I put in another 37.25 miles since Monhegan I felt it was wonked enough that I should baby it a little before the half mara. A week ago Thursday I decided to stop running for a full week. I figured a solid week off from the run would be all the rest I needed. Really, all I wanted was a gentle three miler on the Friday before the race and I would be good…or so I thought. Exactly two days before my easy three my knee caught on fire. Pain to the point of limping. Out of nowhere hurt. Blindsided by blinding pain. What the hell was all I could think. Seriously. No running for a solid week and then this? I felt betrayed and bamboozled. A cruel joke was in the works. Three days before the half mara and now a knee issue. What the fukc? It was like a math equation completely out of proportion. How could I run almost 40 miles without an issue and then have pain after resting for a week?

On the Friday of the scheduled easy three I found myself taking the day off from work and RICEing my knee. Desperate measures. I had it in my head that this was nothing and like true nothing it wouldn’t exist on Sunday. I have never been a gambler but on this day I was betting the farm I would get better. I was convinced I would still run the half. Until. Until Kisa texted a sad tale. His employee wanted to run the Happy Half but couldn’t get in. Sold out. The only way he could enter is if someone else dropped out. Someone. Meaning me. Drop out. Swallowing my pride I said okay. I didn’t want to think it over. I chose to rip the bandage off and move on. I told Kisa, “Tell Too Tall. My no is your first yes.” Two days later to nail the pain home I went to watch Too Tall finish in my place.

So. The happy ending is this. Me & Myself don’t have a DNS on our record and. And! And, we are registered to run the happy half next year. This time around Too Tall was able to register as himself, and using my bib #, run his first half marathon (finishing in 2:20:14). It’s all good. Although, I’m getting emails about “my” pace and “my” photos but I’m okay with the confusion.

The postscript is I have an appointment for the wonky foot this Friday. I know the song: the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone. I get it. I know the knee pain is because of the foot issue. I’m just praying I don’t get the boot. That’s a first I don’t want!

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One thought on “My No is Your First Yes

  1. lloydsloops

    did my first full
    came down with
    heavy cold Friday
    got to the
    right knee went after 6
    its been my left
    for the last 6 months!
    got to the

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