When I Left You

Last you knew I had run to the point of heat exhaustion and had lost my cool. Literally. Last you knew I was going to try again Monday.
Last you knew and then nothing.

Here’s the month in review:
The following Monday of promise I ran 8.6 without incident, then another 8.8 on Wednesday. Again, without incident.I finished the week fishing out another 10.5 on the weekend. I think I didn’t write about it because I didn’t want to jinx myself.
The next week after that I ran 12.1 over two days. Must have been a busy week because there were only two runs.The last week of August saw 16.5 miles. Another busy week with only two runs.
August totals = 61.9 miles

Turn to autumn. September. My month of nemesis. This is when things turned interesting. Vermont Maple Leaf Half Mara for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. 2:10:14 and quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had on thirteen miles. I need to circle back to that story at a later date. So much to say.
The following week was “rest” before Monhegan. 2.7 miles just to say I did something.
Then. Monhegan. Believe it or not, I can’t articulate Monhegan yet. I’m still processing those 16.5 miles. But, I can tell you a funny from just last week. I’m back to running with New Guinea and that is going exactly how you would expect it to go. I’m bored after the excitement of running sea to sea on Monhegan. But, But. But! I found an unexpected benefit to running on the tread. On Monhegan I never pushed myself speed-wise. You wouldn’t want to with all the narrow trails, rocks and roots. You need your concentration so you don’t break an ankle or run into someone else (ahem!). But, on the treadmill you are, well, on a treadmill. No roots or rocks or people or pine cones. When New Guinea and I got back together I simply closed my eyes for the 6.8 miles and let go. I obtained the coolest runner’s high I have ever experienced. I knew the treadmill was good for something!September totals = 56.8

October is a tiny glitch in my right arch. I think it was the new trail runners and a little incident I had with another runner on trail 6 (ahem). And that never happens on Monhegan! I’m nursing the ouch to the best of my ability.
This week is supposed to be 25 miles but I’m going home-home again…
Next week, 30. Third week, another half mara. Final week, 32.
October hopefuls = 100.

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One thought on “When I Left You

  1. lloydsloops

    lovely writing
    in running
    in reading

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