Hot Child

ODAAT – One Day at a Time – has turned into Hell in a Hand Basket…whatever that means. I’m tempted to review my last entry just so I can remind myself where I left off but I will tell you the same thing I told myself. NeverYouMind.

Let me tell you about the strangest run ever. Last Wednesday I was slated for eight to nine miles. I think I told you that much. It was a balmy 91 degrees with 90% humidity. Dripping-Sweat-Standing-Still kind of weather. I knew it was going to be a New Guinea run but somehow I also knew there was going to be trouble. Don’t ask me how I knew because I felt fine for the first six miles. Somehow I knew to grab a wet towel, though. But by mile seven there was a special kind of struggle. I found myself eyeballing the countdown clock, willing it to go faster. Instead, with a mile to go, I slowed down. Like waaay down to an almost eleven minute mile. With four measly minutes to go, I stopped completely. 8.5 miles in 91 minutes. It wasn’t long after that the real fun began. Muscle spasms and twitchiness, chills, dizziness, sweats, and all out exhaustion. Every rib hurt. Every skin cell ached. I asked Kisa to make dinner but by the time he put it in front of me I couldn’t swallow a single bite. Believe me, I chewed and chewed the same forkful because when Kisa cooks it’s heaven. Usually. Not this time. I was in hell. Heat exhaustion. My core temp was spiking and, and. And! Since I had never experienced anything like it, I was oblivious to the issue.
With two days of rest and fluids I was fully recovered by Friday but Kisa refused to let me run again until the humidity had broken…last night. 8.7 in 90. Not a huge difference in performance but the temperature made all the difference.

Best song of the night – Tell Me Where the Wild Things Are by Alessia Cara.

ODAAT – tonight is supposed to be a repeat performance of Monday. Wait and see.

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