Earn the Respect

I have to earn back my body’s respect. No doubt about it. Injury doesn’t find me because I am a sucker for pain. It’s not like I like getting hurt. The stupidity of it all is that I am a slow learner. I’m in the movie Groundhog Day and wake up to the same injuries run after run and like Bill Murray I need to figure out how to change the outcome. It’s the only way to move forward.

Last night I took Nate Helming’s tutorial video to heart and did everything he asked of me: warmup exercises, one mile nose-only breathing, cadence check every 5 minutes and decent cool down. The end product was a 6.4 mile run that felt phenomenal.

Notes to self: five minutes of warm up running felt odd. I know New Guinea was confused when I jumped off only after half a mile and I could almost hear him ask That’s it? When I returned 15 minutes later I launched into the mile of nose-only breathing. I thought it would be more difficult and was pleasantly surprised to realize I actually know when to keep my mouth shut! What a revelation.

I do know better than to post a week’s worth of training. I learned my lesson the last time. One day at a time is my new motto and in the spirit of ODAAT, here is the schedule for tonight:

  • 5 minutes of ascending squats and pushups.
  • Core yoga with Rebecca
  • Roller

August miles: 6.41

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