Laugh or Cry

This is so funny I could cry laughing. Last week I finally, finally put together a serious training schedule for August 1st – 7th. Remember that? The works: strength training and yoga in addition to the miles. I had it all worked out. Until Sunday. The eve of the Big Plan. One last run before I buckled down. It has turned out to be my last run to date.

Here’s how it all went down. I was supposed to do ten Sunday night. I knew the route I would take and I was psyched for every planned minute. It was the same route I ran a few weeks earlier only then it was 90 plus degrees and blinding sunshine. I had to run with Gregory. This time I had cloud cover and drizzling rain on my side. No Greg. I would be lighter. I was hoping my times would be a little better because the kisa and I had things to do. Remember, this was my last week running just to get it done. Starting Monday I was to devote more time to all things everything else.
Miles 1-6 were uneventful except to say I was having a blast. The rain had apparently scared away the trail tolls and I was pretty much alone for much of the miles. Every step had a quietness behind it. I felt like flying. I was flying. My pace was strong and I was in control of my breath. I could run forever. Except not. In the middle of mile six my Achilles started talking. Murmuring, actually. Barely whispering. Nothing alarming. I said to moi, “that’s odd” but thought nothing more. By the beginning of mile seven the calf joined the grumbling and I started to really pay attention to myself. Now what the fukc? It felt like everything was tightening, as if the muscles were getting shorter and shorter. A vise grip. Calf and Achilles joined voices and complaining turned into all out caterwauling and I came to abrupt halt. I hurt. I could barely walk. Limping and sobbing I called kisa-turned-cabbie. He came in a heartbeat with questions of his own. What happened? Did I trip on the trail? No. Was it a muscle cramp? Not really. I couldn’t explain it except to say I couldn’t run. It’s been four days and I still haven’t.

This is what happens when Ms. Misaligned doesn’t do her homework. This is what happens when she forgets that the run breaks her. For every run I am supposed to afterwards put myself back together again. Each and every time. For every run I am supposed to right the ruination. Yoga. Strength training. All of it. I have done none. For weeks. And. And, And! True story – I have never, ever used a roller stick. Yeah, yeah. I know.
I promised myself I wouldn’t run until I could walk down a flight of stairs and feel nothing out of the ordinary. Today is not that day. Tomorrow might be. With the half mara a little over a week away, Sunday at the latest better be.

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