Rock the Rock

My fellow islanders call home “the rock.” They can do that because they really live on a ginormous rock. I call this rock home-home even though I don’t live there and with any luck in a little over 24 hours I will be there. Home-home on the rock.

I have two runs planned for 04852. Two 6 milers back to back. I’m hoping the trail running books I’ve read will come in handy when I attempt to leave the dirt road and find my way through Cathedral Woods up to White Head. Or Lobster Cove by way of Burnt Head. Or somewhere via something. Up until now, I’ve only trusted myself to the end of every possible road. Dead Man’s Cove, the Ice Pond, Lighthouse Hill, Wharf Hill, the turn-around, Horns Hill, & Wyeth’s. Don’t get me wrong. I love every one of those dead ends. The problem lies in the fact I’ll have stiff competition in the way of tourists, birders, kids, trucks, artists, and dogs (can’t forget the dogs).

So, tomorrow around dusk I’ll don the gregory, power up the spy and traverse rock and root to get where I’m going. I’m ready to rock the rock.

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