I caught myself catching the last 15 minutes of a Dr. Phil show. What the hell? The topic was delusions I guess because the guest, this woman, had fabricated a friendship on Facebook. It was deemed imaginary because no one had ever even caught a glimpse of this friend. No. One. Even the producers of the show couldn’t find this so-called pal. What the hell? Yet, the woman was convinced her friend was out there somewhere. This is a special kind of crazy.
And yet. Yet, I can relate. Every afternoon I sit in a garden painstakingly removing sea glass, shells, pottery and rocks collected from Monhegan. Seven years ago I started adding the island to my landlocked garden. Trip by trip I would bring home pockets full of treasure and toss them in among the roses. Seven years later I’ve changed my mind. Seven years later I’m on a search and rescue mission to extract every ounce of island. My kisa shakes his head but I can’t bear the thought of one piece of turquoise glass left behind. A special kind of crazy.
The one element of my life holding the sanity in place is the run. I only got out there three times this week, but they were good, good, good runs.
Run #1 was in Florence. 3.9 in 35 min up and around Look. I had forgotten how much I love the bike path.
Run #2 was “the loop” around my house. 3.66 miles in 35 min with a gentle hill in the first mile. I haven’t miss this route at all but it was great to be outside.
Run #3 was uncharted territory back in Florence. Instead of going up to Look I went beyond to Leeds. 5.1 miles in 50 min. I think this route is going to be my new training grounds. Loved it.

So. Week 1 of Maple training done. 12.66 miles total. A modest start, but I can’t commit to more right now. I’m still under construction/renovation both at work and home. Kisa’s traveling a lot and I am facing probate shortly and. And! And, there are all those rocks, shells and glass to move out of the garden. A special kind of crazy.

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