Redemption Run

Because you asked.

It all started with the desire to do something charitable. That’s how the passion for running came about. Really and truly. I “trained” for a half marathon under the guidance of an emailing coach and an invisible team. In other words, alone. I had no idea what I was doing. Eight weeks before the big event I inevitably injured myself and went straight into PT panic mode. What didn’t help was that I had a therapist who didn’t like running (or runners, for that matter). He was begrudgingly resigned to the fact I was determined to run the event. He was right. I simply wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines. Too many people had donated to the cause for me to just quit. Besides, I had become addicted to the run.
The big day in Alton dawned with a steady cold rain that was torrential at times and never let up for 13.1 miles. With a knee on fire and a head down I ran/walked the course, gritting my teeth the entire way. The only bright moment was when my family drove by; my sister hanging out the back window screaming and waving her arms wildly. I laughed for 10 seconds. That was 2006.
2016. Ten years later. My running journey has had peeks and valleys but I have never lost the memory of Alton. That run has chased my miles and nipped at my pride for ten years now. For me, Alton 2006 was a complete and utter disaster. I haven’t been ashamed of the pain or the tears. Looking back, it was the walking I can’t suffer (that and the ridiculous fact that I couldn’t pull my pants up in the porta potty; my hands were cold claws).
May 7th, 2016. Rain in the forecast. That was the only similarity between 2006 and 2016. Rain again. Everything else was different. How different? I compiled a list:

  1. Kisa got a hotel room ON the course. I could have popped into our ground-floor room for a GU. The water station was right outside room #12. Seriously, had he been braver, Kisa could have handed me a cup. Nothing would have shocked me more. He high-fived me instead.
  2. I ran with music (loved having the Dragons with me)
  3. I ran with a GPS tracker (loved having someone tell me pace)
  4. I powered up every hill
  5. I didn’t stop at the bathroom
  6. I ran without pain
  7. The rain held off
  8. TNT wasn’t there so no riddle signs 😦
  9. I remember every single moment
  10. I loved every single moment.

Why is it in every photo I look like I’m standing still? I will never be a cool runner.

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