Long Time Gone

You know you haven’t written in a while when four, count ’em, FOUR different people wish you good luck on a race you ran last week. I’ve been mum on the running because…well, because life got in the way.

first there was my mom’s heart condition and surgery. She’s fine now, but it was a loud and clear reminder that life is indeed short and could be made shorter by circumstance.
then there was the decision to completely redo my staff hierarchy. Talk about nerve wracking – to think you have someone’s future on a piece of paper and all that’s required to change their everything is one little last signature. Yours.
then there IS the renovation. The complete and utter gut of the library. I’m looking forward to the changes – new furniture, new technology, new security, new offices, that new everything smell. But, right now there is a state inspector with a not so nice look on his face…

I could go on. We are ripping out our pool and doing a complete back yard reno. There are questions concerning a trust fund and no one is really answering. And there’s running.

Oh yeah, the run. The last time I posted I had just run 4.4 with New Guinea. That was 23 days ago. There were a bunch miles after that but the most important ones were the 13.1 I ran in Alton, NH. The redemption run. I told my kisa 2:25:25. He saw me at the end, 2:15:40. Did it rain? A little. Did I walk at any time. Not one bit. More later…

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