Everyone has their bag of tricks. It might be as simple as a lucky pair of socks that someone has to wear before every race. Mine is a pain of lime green Wright socks. It might be that favorite hydrator (cola Nuun) or fuel (espresso GU) during a run. Or it might be the sweet sweats you slip into after a hard workout (Simmons pants circa 2003). Everyone has their thing to keep them fighting. Except when they don’t.

I lost my mojo a few weeks back. Actually, it started with the groin thing and progressed into a head thing. I am officially a nutcase. I know I have said this before, but since I still feel this way I’ll say it again. I feel as though I have been dropped from a great height. Nothing is broken beyond repair but I’m put back together differently. The right leg is on the left. My head is on backwards. Everything is awkward and sideways.
Two weekends ago I ran a 5K in the driving snow. Champion moment: I actually ran WITH someone for the entire time. A first for me. She has a faster pace but she’s a firecracker, burning out to the point of needing to walk. We’d be killing an 8 mm pace and suddenly stop dead. I ended up jogging ahead each time she walked. I was willing her to catch up; just so I could keep up when she bolted off again. This happened three different times but at least we finished with a sub-30 time. Sigh.
This last Tuesday another first. Sciatic nerve pain. Back pain is finally a harsh reality. For nearly a week it has been hell trying to stand, walk, sleep, anything. I haven’t run. Feels like deja vu. I’m three weeks out from Alton Bay and again, I’m working through an injury that came from nothing. Kisa wants me to stop training to let everything “rest” before the race. He thinks because I ran 26.2 in November I’ve trained enough for 13.1 in May. Such a sweet boy. I wish I could lay on the couch for the next three weeks and then run Alton like it’s nothing. But, I can’t. Alton Bay is everything.

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