Imperfecting the Perfect

I am a clean calendar, new notebook, blank page, January 1st kind of girl. I like new beginnings and fresh starts. I like round numbers and straight lines. My routines always start on Monday and if I made resolutions; not saying I do, but if I did, they would be promised on the 1st of whatever. In my mind, it’s keeping things orderly and organized and perfect. I straighten picture frames and don’t step on cracks in the sidewalk.

But. This perfect is not working. Last week’s run wasn’t even close to perfect. I was slated for eight. Suffered through 4.83. For some reason everything hurt from the very first step. Everything was hellish. I stepped off the tread for a pee break and never got back on. Why didn’t I make it to an even five? I’ll tell you why. My knees were on fire and I felt completely wiped out. I hit a freaking wall after four days of rest. Who does that? Me.

I have a new approach to the plan. Wait for it. Wait for it. There is none. You’re waiting for nothing. No plan whatsoever. I have scraped all schedules despite the fact I have a half mara in May (the redemption run). I ran a sub ten seven a few weeks ago and felt great. I can’t force this thing.

Here’s the thing. Four days from now I’m supposed to run St Pat’s. I haven’t gotten my bib confirmation as of yet. I don’t know if I should be panicked at this time because I seem to remember a similar worry last year…and the year before. The other preparation thing to consider…Last year I was training for a half mara in Toronto and treated Patrick as a blip. This year I am nowhere near as trained…No bib confirmation and less mileage? Those imperfections seems, well, dare I say, perfect.

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2 thoughts on “Imperfecting the Perfect

  1. You got this, sometimes you need to breathe and let it go and let the universe take control. I am just like you, a very goal oriented planned kind of person so I know how hard letting go is sometimes. It all will fall into place.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! At this point there is nothing I can do about the 10k but true to form, I am trying to perfect the half mara schedule…again. 😉

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