Return of the Ridiculous

I am feeling beyond ridiculous. On January 11th I joined an eight-week workout/diet challenge. I felt that it would be a good companion to the run while the numbers were relatively small. Translation: I am building my mileage back up for May but wanted to start with modest 3-4 mile runs. I felt that physically AND mentally I could handle the extra gym time.

Week one – so far, so good. Managed to do every plyo, HIIT and strength training workout (six days that first week) AND hit my mileage goal of 12.5.

Week two – the workouts suffered a little when a dental appointment turned dangerous. During an xray they found something “weird” in my neck and I needed more scrutiny. By the time I got home I didn’t have time for the HIIT workout. Since it was a no-run day I didn’t worry about it. However, by the end of the week I had also skipped a run, missing the weekly mileage goal by six huge miles.

Week three – disaster strikes midweek. Monday’s workout was fine. Tuesday’s workout was fine. Wednesday’s workout SEEMED fine until I took one step on the treadmill. Pain like I have never felt before shot up my quad and into my groin. Without a second thought I stopped New Guinea, shut off the light and left the gym. I knew I was done. Thursday I couldn’t put pressure on my leg without pain shooting up my leg and into my back. Friday was more on the same, but I hobbled through a charity ball. By Sunday the pain had subsided and I could walk somewhat normally again.

Week four – Monday the pain was a flicker that made me believe I could start to work out again…albeit, gently and slowly. I decided to give it one more day just to make absolutely sure. Tuesday…my birthday. Drama. I wake up with a throat on fire, a cough to bring up a lung and more snot coming out of my nose than needed to drown a dog. Stayed in bed the entire day. Sneezed my way through the rest of the week. No run. Nothing.

Week five – Here it is, week five. The nose is still running and the hip sings a little now and then but now I’m feeling completely ridiculous. When will this nonsense be over? I want to run! St. Pats is a little more than a month away and I have done NOTHING to prepare. At this time last year I was putting up big (and painless) numbers. Today – not a single step. Could this be my very first DNS? I shudder to think. What if I’m not ready? More importantly – this dreaded thought…The redemption half marathon of Alton Bay is 88 days away. Right now, at this moment, 13.1 sounds so stupid. At this moment I’m afraid to run a mile. Singular. Mile. Never mind twelve more. Ridiculous.

As an aside, the Fish sent me a text, “I never ran 26.3”

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