Final Day of Week One

I can officially say I am done with Week One of the Stronger Challenge (LiveStrong). Did I have a favorite routine? Not sure. Ask me again at the end of Week Two, after I’ve done every routine a second time. I know Ignite is low on my list because I just can’t explode with movement like I would like to. It will get easier, I’m sure. It has to!

For the last Day (Day VI) of the challenge we revisited the “soldier” routine. I’m still laughing my way through the superman punch but the long jump/pedal back was easier and I kept up with the split leg burpees this time. I’m still nervous about my knees so the “make it rain” squats (which look downright silly, by the way) worry me. I go as gentle as I can but I still fear damage and that LAST thing I want to do is hurt the run. And you know how much The Run means to me.

And speaking of the run. Today is a day off from the Stronger Challenge but. But! But, it’s my scheduled long run day. YES! I finally will get to run over five miles. I haven’t seen five miles since the LV mara NINE weeks ago. Because St Pat’s is a 10k I honestly won’t feel good about this race until I have run at least six again. And hills! I neeeed to work on hills! Oh! and speaking of St. Pat’s! I think I have someone to run with! His name is Jay and NOT the Jay you think you know. 😉 From here on out I’ll refer to this Jay as Millz. More on him later…

But, St Pats is months away…For now let’s get back to the Stronger Challenge. For this first week I give myself a solid B+ for the exercise. I didn’t miss a day and I kept up with the run as well. Things to improve on: don’t skimp on yoga, get in 13 miles running & work on plyo! That was the good news. The bad news is that I absolutely sukced at the diet part of the challenge. I’ll give myself a D because I never got my hands on figs, I didn’t keep up with every menu and, dare I confess? Yes. I had donuts for breakfast two days in a row. Yes. Donuts. They are from a teeny tiny Polish bakery I adore just up the road. End of story. Things to improve on: try harder to have the meals as prescribed and NO donuts. HA!

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