Stronger Somewhere

Day V of the Stronger Challenge felt a little wonky. Maybe that’s because my “Refuel” workout from the day before also included a 4+ mile run. Maybe (and this is probably closer to the truth), maybe I’m just not used to the explosion moves in the “Ignite” workout. Here’s my pre-workout routine: Hours before I usually watch the workout sitting at my desk at work, if only to get the moves in my head before trying to copy them from a phone at home. Sitting in a library (can you picture it?) trying to watch five beautiful people struggle through this workout was not encouraging at all. 99% of the time workout videos don’t include physically unfit people so if these guys were struggling I knew I would be in serious trouble. And I was. I won’t lie. I got home, changed and mentally tried to prepare myself for the insane moves I was about to miserably fail at doing. I’ll be honest. I have a hard time with regular pushups, never mind the kind where you explode off the ground and into the air two feet. And those tuck jumps?! My knees were begging for mercy before I even began. Every time I did a squat I heard my knees popping and grinding, complaining and bitching. They’re the reason a certain doctor told me to “take up swimming” instead of run. I knew there was no way my poor knees were going to let me launch myself into the air. Duh- Moment Admission: I stayed low for most of the routine. Duh! That doesn’t mean I stopped. At no time did I wave the white flag. I just kept it close by for security purposes. Here’s what I need to tell myself: this is only week one. I’m not trying for gold at this stage of the game. Hell, this is supposed to be just for fun (or funny).

There was no run to speak of on “Ignite” day.

And we won’t even talk about the diet.

Day VI of the Stronger Challenge is a repeat: Soldier. Let’s just see what happens when I revisit that can of worms!

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