Refuel and Run

Day IV of the Stronger Challenge. “Refuel.” Still a good workout only a little more low key. Low intensity cardio and strength moves. Right up my alley, especially when it’s a run day.
My observations so far: Nicky is a cool instructor/trainer. Has a lot of affirmations and go-get-’em rally cries. Stuff like, “Sweat is weakness leaving your body!” Luckily, he hasn’t stooped to “no pain, no gain”. Otherwise I would have to reach through my monitor and punch him. I like that he introduces his class beyond their names; tells us a little something about each person (like ex-military, mother of three, former Rockette…that kind of thing).
My trouble move of the workout turned out to be something called a Scorpion. I’ll see if I can describe this thing: basically, you lie on your stomach with your arms out to form a cross with your body. From here, bring your right foot to opposite hand. Can you picture it? In that position it is nearly impossible to tell how far away your foot is from your hand or how horribly wrong your form is (or isn’t). I hoped for the best but prayed I didn’t sprain something in the process. Because this was a 41 minute low-key workout I can safely give it an A-.
The run was good. At first I worried I would be overdoing it but after the first mile I was able to settle down, quiet the mind and just go. I got 4.23 miles in before New Guinea told me time was up. For the record, I am up to 21.8 miles for the 100 mile challenge…with two weeks to go in the first month. Think I can do it? Ha!
Much later in the evening I was able to get in a 15 minute recovery yoga routine. Very simple. My new love is a move with no name. Lie on your back, cross your legs tight, take a foot in each hand and gently pull them up and out until you feel a gentle stretch where you need it most, quads, glutes, calves…It’s a great one to just hang out in. Love it!

The meal part of this whole adventure has been terrible! I’m barely following the suggested menu. I feel like completely giving up for this week and starting fresh on Monday. Today, just to give you an example, I was supposed to have waffles for breakfast. Something about peanut butter and coffee, too. Instead, I had a Belvita breakfast bar and cottage cheese. Lunch is supposed to be this crazy elaborate tuna salad concoction. I’m sure if I planned ahead like a good girl I would be prepared for said salad. But, I’m not. Instead, I have a huge big of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, a slice of a leftover red bell pepper and a bottle of lemon juice. I think I maybe have a can of tuna in my office desk drawer. I’m really not sure. Dinner is supposed to be tacos. That I might be able to do. Stay tuned.

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