Only Day 3?

So. Yesterday was day III of the Stronger Challenge and I have to say my arms are SORE today. It’s all those crazy push ups. Have you seen Dragon push ups? They make me breathe fire, no doubt! But, I’ll get to the aches in a minute.

Day III’s workout was called “Soldier” and it was all the trainer’s favorite moves (think martial arts, superheroes and yes, dragons). Lots of really intense movement. I gave the workout a B+ because there some moves I couldn’t keep up with but I definitely gave it my all. I channeled Billy Blanks for the TaeBo moves, but I couldn’t get the superman punch right to save my life. I’ve never been a break dancer so that floor kick thing was just plain nutty.
As promised, after “Soldier” I did a 30 minute super simple and quick yoga routine with Rebecca Pacheco. Downward dog was interesting because for the first time my shoulders and triceps were killing me. I also noticed a new tremor in my quads that hadn’t been there before. I still need to work out the hips, big time. Truthfully, by the end I was just relieved it wasn’t a run day (note to self: that’s tomorrow, four miles).

Diet. I want to give myself an A for diet because even though I strayed from the prescribed menu (again), I stayed within calorie and nutrition guidelines with one small cheat (72% cacao chocolate- yummy). But, I’ll settle for a B+ again because I will be a very happy girl when I follow just one day of the diet to the letter. I have seven weeks to make that happen, right?

Achy! Did I mention the ache? I wanted to take a picture of this new-found remedy I’m using because it totally rocks, but I forgot. Not only does it work well but it smells great, too. No boys locker room stink! Next blog, I promise.

So, there it is. Day three in the can.

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