the Great Eight

As soon as the clock chimed midnight my inbox with bombarded with all kinds of “challenges” for 2016: read 100 books! Run 1000 miles! Lose 50lbs! Eat clean for life! Bored at 3am, I actually considered a few of them. Brain-drained at 6am I joined three. In 2016 I will read 100 books, run 100 miles (no, the loss of one zero is not a typo), and…are you ready for it? Join an eight-week fitness challenge. I am not a big fan of following someone’s diet and exercise routine for any length of time so I must have been not only drained at 6am but actually brain-dead. I’m sure you’ve seen the challenge. It’s all over FB.

So here’s the down and dirty on the hateful eight: It’s called Stronger, sponsored by LiveStrong. For eight weeks I will TRY to follow their diet and workout routines. I started yesterday.
Want to know how it’s going? For the next eight weeks you’ll find out here. I promised myself I would hold nothing back. The good, the bad and the ugly about the next week will all be spewed here. Promise.

So. Without further ado – here’s a recap of yesterday, aka Day I:
Diet – I give myself a C+ for the day. I didn’t manage to follow breakfast or dinner. Basically because I refused to follow their shopping list 100%. Yes, I know. I suck. I couldn’t bring myself to buy a bottle of walnut oil knowing I’ll use 3 tablespoons and let the rest go rancid. I couldn’t find fresh figs to save my life and I couldn’t be bothered to cook a chicken at 7am for my lunch. Note to self: read all menus ahead of time. Maybe precooked chicken would have been the better option…And the deal breaker? I cannot serve tofu to my manly man husband. I have you seen the guy? Meat and potatoes. Meat and noodles. Meat and rice. You get the point. The M word’s gotta be in there somewhere.

Exercise (FIRE) – I give myself an straight up solid A for the workout. I had to follow Nicky on my phone but, but! But. I had the where with all to watch the video on my lunch break (five hours earlier) so I didn’t necessarily need to watch the man to know what to do. I needed him more for the timing of each (HIIT) exercise. The routine itself was a little crazy. I’m simply not used to “gym” cardio. I felt like a fat slug.

So. That’s day one of the Stronger Challenge. As for the other challenges? The books are covered in another blog. The 100 miles? I’ve covered 14.3 so far this year.

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