Soggy. Soppy. Sappy. But by no means sorry. Before I am led to the abattoir for my recent rantings, let me assure you I am not milquetoast or talking clishmaclaver. Honestly, I speak the truth and there is strength in my resolve as well as my words.

To put it firmly. I had a falling out with someone I thought would always be by my side. I put a lot of faith into that relationship and when it failed I started to see other houses burning as well. The conflagration was strong enough to set my whole network on fire. And I let it burn. What does one do when she is under attack (real or imagined)? Fight or flight. Can I help it if me & moi chose both? Can I help it if I’m the one who blew on the flame? Even if I wasn’t the one to light the match. That’s my fight. I am fleeing from potential harm in the off chance my armor is not strong enough to withstand the heat. But, I’m not running away. Speaking of running…

I was supposed to run two miles last night and you know what? I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t need it either. I still have a nagging pain behind my knee and my toe has been talking. Excuses to some, but signs for me, myself and moi. Slow down. Instead I made German spatzle and practiced double pigeon (clam) poses. Why clams? You know. Since I hate them so much. Tomorrow night I will tackle two more miles. I’m hoping New Guinea and I can come to an agreement about closing our eyes for the entire two. I need to sit in the sweet spot of my run and turn a blind eye to the bull.

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2 thoughts on “Milquetoast

  1. lloydsloops

    Don’t allow
    Your writing
    To overturn
    Said I

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