Too Hot to Handle

Too hot to handle or just too hard? Here are last week’s numbers:

Tu – 3 = 3.23
Thur – 5 = 5.20
Sa – 10 = 0
Su = 10.06*

Total – Scheduled – 18/Actual – 18.49

*Sunday sukced. I’ll say it again. Sunday sukced something fierce. All Friday the kisa and I went back and forth about when the Saturday run would work. The final plan was sometime late afternoon/early evening; sometime after the heat of the day and sometime before it became too late for dinner. Sometime around then. One thing led to another and another led to one thing: no run. This is what I was bitching about when I said I didn’t want the run to run my life. By the end of Saturday I actually started to panic about Saturday’s run turning into a Someday run. It became a fixation and then a vexation to schedule ten miles.

Sunday morning. Eight am turned into nine until somehow it was eleven. I was bitter about running at high noon but like a bitch told kisa we could go. It’s that snappy “fine” retort when asked what’s wrong. I knew I was lying but the alternative was procrastination resulting in never. It literally was now or never and I had to run.

Good news: I ran somewhere new. The bike path between Northampton and Easthampton is a straight shot. I could run five up and back to get ten. Bad news: barely any shade along the way. Good news: kisa was around with water. Bad news: not around enough. Once past eight miles I struggled. Every step in the 90 degree-no-breeze-sun blazing temps felt like lead. Despite a 10.22 min pace I felt like I was crawling, plodding, pleading for it to be over. At 8.5 miles I broke down pace to a walk. A walk. My motto has always been “Not one step.” I may come to a complete stop on any given run but it kills me to walk any of it. I’d rather stand stock still than walk a single step. I suppose if I analyzed the run I could tell you how far I walked out of the total 10.06 miles. It probably wasn’t even a mile. I suppose I could figure it out by pace, too. But, really what’s the point? The point is I ran out of steam and ten miles felt like eternity. Would it have been different five hours later? I don’t know. All I know is too hot became too hard.

The numbers for this week:
Tu – 3
Thu – 5
Sat – 7

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