Saturday Stay

Well. I’m not on 04852. Saturday stress is reduced to staying here. Here are the numbers:

Tu – 3 = 3.31
We – 4 = 4.27
Th – 3 = 3.27
Sa – 9 = 9.12 at 01062

Total: 19.97

I could have run a 5k on Saturday but I didn’t want to negotiate trying to fit in another six miles somewhere else. How selfish is that? I was asked specifically to run with someone and I could have said yes because I know I can hold my own against him. No competition, mind you. What I meant was I now have the confidence I can keep up. Big difference.

I’m starting to tell more people about this marathon thing. It’s becoming monumental because I’m sharing the gut wrenching Why of it all. Painful but poetic. Good to purge. I like it that way. What I don’t like is the training schedule. When I trained for the half I only ran three days a week. I think my knees and ankles and hips appreciated the break between runs. As it is now I’m not leaving enough time for the Other things in my life like cooking, reading, yoga, friends, being a wife – if you know what I mean. And. And! And, I’m only in the first month. It’s only going to get worse. Let’s face it. I want to skinny dip in the pool with a rum drink from time to time, too! Running isn’t my life but it’s starting to take it over.
The solution? Admit I’m human. Admit I can make this 26.2 with less training miles. I know I’m not wonder woman. Hell, I’m not even wonder girl. But, I am left wondering if I can’t tweak the training schedule. How bad can it be?

So. The plan for week five?
Tu – 3+
Thu – 5+
Sa – 10+

Yes, Wednesday’s child is missing. She went to lala land and you know what? My hips applauded.

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