So Not New

Are you ready for this? Week three was a complete success. A+ for myself & moi. Like a good girl actually completed every scheduled run and beat the snot out of it:
Tu – Scheduled: 3
Reality: 3.43T
We – Scheduled: 4
Reality: 4.28T
Th – Scheduled: 3
Reality: 3.28T
Sa – Scheduled: 5
Reality: 6.21 Bald Mountain (Townsend, VT)

Scheduled: 15 miles total
Reality: 17.20

Confessional: this was my first week of running three days in a row. Up until now every run was followed by a day off with a max of three runs per week. Knee report – radio silence. New Guinea report – still giving me a ridiculous readout on my heart rate. I tried unplugging as a reboot of sorts and that seemed to help. For 23 minutes NG spit out distance. With 8 minutes left he went back to babbling about my heart. Oh well.

Here’s this week’s schedule (and then I’ll get to the venting):
Tu – 3
We – 4
Th – 3
Sa – 9

I suspect the weekday runs will be cake because I’ll be getting home early like a third grader but I’m a little nervous about Saturday. Ready for the vent?

My mother. Plagued by health issues all her life she’s recently added to the list. Asthma. Perforated hernia. COPD. Chronic bronchitis. Sinus infections..and now…wait for it…a heart condition involving a plethora of medications and even more worried family members. For some reason everyone thinks I’m command central and that I have all the answers. Earth to family – I know as much as you do. I’m just as freaked out, if not more. I live far enough away that it would take some doing to be there PDQ. I get it. I’m at that stage of the game where parents are supposed to be worrying the crap out of you. I shouldn’t be whining but I’m truly not ready to lose my only surviving parent. As a result I am scheming like a fiend to find a way to Maine. Without taking time off. Without compromising the run. Fat chance. I’ve already determined running 04852 is 4.6 measly miles so technically all I would have to do is run the roads twice. No big deal but that sort of defeats the purpose of going home. I’m not helping anyone mom if I’m running around.
So, this situation is not so new. For now I will deal with runs 1,2,&3. I’ll figure Saturday out when I get there.

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