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If I were to grade myself right now on this training plan I would give myself a solid C. Not good. Not bad. Barely average in my world but passable as such.

I skipped a run in week one. Wrote a blog about it but didn’t post it. Managed to get in the long run (6.26 miles) on the treadmill but was so mad at New Guinea I dismissed it. Total mile for week one: 13.01

Week two was worse. I skipped a short run figuring running around doing errands should count for something: laundry, grocery shopping, waxing, work, packing. I must have gone up and down the stairs six dozen times. This always happens when I’m planning a trip to Monhegan.
Didn’t get to the long run either. Was supposed to log seven and I barely made 4.5 (4.6 according to MMR) because I was on Monhegan. This will mean nothing to you, but the long run consisted of: my house to the Ice Pond and partially down the boardwalk. Then Dead Man’s Cove and partially up the trail to Pebble Beach. Then up Lighthouse Hill, across the Ball Field and partially down the trail to White Head. I stopped dead twice. Once to negotiate a crazy rocky downhill and another to take a picture. Then up to the museum and down the graveyard. A quick stop at my father’s grave (a solid 30 second stop I will not apologize for) and then down in front of Trib. Down to the wharf and back up through town. Down to Fish Beach then up to the church. Down to the Mostel turnaround and then up Horns Hill. As far up into the Burnt Hill trail as I could and then back down again. Trailing Yew Hill to Lobster Cove path. Back up around brewery and down to Wyeth’s and finally, home. I was surprised it was only 4.6 but after watching the MMR video I guess it was only 4.6. Note to self: Monhegan is not an easy place to get in a super long run, especially if I want to stay out of the public eye. Maybe I should run each hill twice before moving on?

Now I am halfway through week three. At this point I should have logged 7 miles and I have 7.70 (all on the ever-frustrating New Guinea). Yes, New Guinea is still tracking my heart rate (as high as 277) and not my distance. Curious thing though – If I grip the heart rate bar I can get mileage. Ugh. Tonight is supposed to be an easy three (again with NG since we’re expecting hail and high winds tonight) with a long run of a short five on Saturday. I’ll probably do a simple six just to compensate for the slacker mileage from the previous weeks. But, here’s the thing – I’m not stressing about this lack of mileage just yet. This is chartered territory. I have been in these distances before and so I’m not bothered by not reaching them…yet. When I get to a weekly mileage I’ve never accomplished before, well that’s a different story. Right now I’m in my comfort zone.

I don’t want to discount the run on Monhegan either because it was positively sublime. Despite the pouring rain and the swirling fog I loved every second of it. Dirt packed roads, gravel, gnarly tree-rooted trails, soft sand, spongy grass but not a single inch of concreted pavement. I just need to figure out how to get in a longer run…

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