Save Your Spot

“We noticed that you signed up for the Terrapin with a race pace that will allow you to be placed in a Preferred Corral. Nice!”

This was the email I got for the Terrapin 5k in Chicago. Later that same day I sent them the results from the Worcester 6k in the hopes of getting a timed corral, if only to not have to weave my way in and around slower runners from the back. Then came along another reason – the time of the race. I could have sworn start time was 6pm. Now I see it’s 6:30pm. That gives me less than 90 minutes to run the race, get something to eat (I’m always ravenous), get back to the hotel, shower, change, and make my way over to the House of Blues for Moe (doors – 8pm). Not impossible but less than ideal, for sure. Lucky for kisa, I don’t primp. Much.

Speaking of kisa, the Knight and moi spent some time saving other Chicago spots as well. Reminiscent of a 3rd grade school trip I took to Boston we mapped out the entire itinerary (minus my mother’s notes on what I would be wearing each day). This became an exercise in where to eat around the city. Kisa, armed with the city map, would tell me what friend-suggested restaurants were local to the activity we had planned and I would dutifully note them in a three-ringed binder. The thought process is we won’t be stuck hungry and not knowing what’s in the area, resort to eating at the first bad place we find. Yes, I know we could Yelp our way through meals but that’s really not my thing. I want friend-endorsed options not determined by strangers on my phone. I won’t give in to the hype of a celebrity restaurant (unless it’s Rick Bayless).

I can’t believe Chicago is less than a week away. Last night as we listened to the Dead in San Francisco I couldn’t help but think about all those happy people, just letting the music take them on a trip. And would my journey take me there as well? If so, save me a spot.

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