Signs of Sickness

What do you do when you think someone is getting sick? The signs are subtle. Blips of imagined worry. Yet, there is nagging doubt that everything is really okay. It’s as if reality is trying to poke you every so often. Such is the case with New Guinea. We went for a short 45 minute run over the weekend and it wasn’t long before I was noticing something strange.
I can’t deny I am a numbers girl. I like data. New Guinea and I, we have this routine. After I have been running for a certain amount of time (it varies, mood dependent) I start messing with speed and incline. I like to switch up the display. Maybe watch calories climb for the duration of a song before switching it back to distance. In the time it takes Imagine Dragons to sing Demons I will have changed the display yet again. I play games with myself, battling the boredom with math: if I run the rest of way at this pace I will finish at 4.37 miles. I watch the numbers like a hawk.
This weekend was no different so it wasn’t hard for me to miss the first sign of sickness. New Guinea displayed my heart rate instead of distance. It was the quickest of blips but I caught it. Heart rate: 87. Errrr. What? How does New Guinea know my heart rate when I’m not touching anything? Maybe a drop of sweat? A little spittle? Okay, no. My feet are techincally on the belt but seriously! And yet…Before I could process the disturbing data New Guinea was back to displaying mileage. 2.17 miles. I breathed a sigh of relief and just when I was thinking I imagined the whole thing, heart rate: 178. What the what? Mileage 2.95. Back and forth, honing in on my heart while flashing hints of something ailing.
This has happened before. Only this –  the last time I cleared the data thinking it was an overload of information and the internal guts just needed a reboot. Not so this time around. I’ve logged a lot of miles on this treadmill. I shouldn’t be shocked it’s getting tired. But, what happens when I kill it? I’m well past warranty.

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5 thoughts on “Signs of Sickness

  1. I’m really dreading when mine goes to pasture. It’s gotta be getting close. Good luck to you and yours and I hope that the treadmill just has a cold and nothing more serious. 😉

    • This is my second tread! I literally ran the first one (named Mr. Gerbil) into the ground and I’m kicking myself for not tracking the mileage before he bit the dust. 😦

      • I got mine 4 yrs ago off amazon for $300. I’m lucky the thing lasted a month!!

      • Wow wow wow! I have to ask – how many miles a week do you average on it? Mine is Livestrong so it better live up to its name! 😛

      • I put about 20 on there weekly unless I’m training. It’s gotten me through 5 half marathon trainings!

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