If I had a dollar for every time someone said they saw me somewhere I wasn’t I could retire. I can’t tell you how many different times “I” have been spotted somewhere (or Someone-Just-Like-You they would insist). I’ve been at the bar late night. I’ve been seen ducking into an elevator. Sweating it out in a spinning class. Giving a lecture on macro-diets. Hauling two kids through a train station. Me & Myself, we have been everywhere.

Last night was no exception. If one someone had said he spotted me at a Mike Gordon show at the Academy of Music while another someone else argued I was seeing Keb Mo at the Calvin they both would be right. Two shows in the two different places and I saw them both. The reason? Simple really. My good friend, musician (and runner), Rebecca was performing with Keb! We were already booked to see Mike Gordon but when Rebecca said she could leave us tickets to see Keb, how could we say no?
It was an all around fantastic night. Earlier in the day New Guinea and I tried out a new app on Spot had a respectable 4.4 mile run (175 BPM). By evening I was still buzzing from the high and what better way to keep it going than with a jalapeno tequila margarita or two? Add smoky chipotle fish tacos and we were in heaven. I could have stayed belly-up to that bar all night.

Here’s the funny thing about music. Sometimes it takes you on a journey you least expect. We were enjoying Mike’s show – the vibe had energy. The crowd dancing, lights on the guitars; Mike’s daughter singing, drums that filled every corner with sound, the shadowy trees on the walls. It was all part of the trip. But, during set break we zipped over to Keb’s show and succumbed to a different magic. Sexy. Cool. A respectable and seated audience. By the time Keb introduced Rebecca I was a basket case of nerves. ‘So Long Goodbye’ was coauthored by Keb and Rebecca but I can’t tell you if Keb mentioned that when he called Rebecca to the stage. I don’t remember much other than the word, Nashville. But, I do know this – ‘So Long Goodbye’ gave me goosebumps. It was good to see my friend in the spotlight where she belongs and that I was there to see it. Even if I had to be in two places at once.

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