Holophrase: Run.

Today my holophrase is run because last night that’s exactly what I did. Nothing special. Certainly nothing spectacular. 2.35 miles in 25 min. It started off ridiculously slow – like a 12 minute mile. That’s how worried I was about the ankle and the knee and the hip and the psyche. Fear had not settled in but I could tell it was circling to make a visit. I willed it not to stay. For there is something poisonous about pain. Honestly though, if I want to push me & myself any further we need to move through it. Welcome it. Dare I say, embrace it? I just don’t want to collapse in an utterly defeated mess, my courage spilled all over the floor and I had just come off a 60 mile, three day walk. So. I started slowly. Every five minutes I upped the speed and had a small conversation with each potentially offending body part. No one was crying except my brain. Crying out to go faster. I found the groove at 10 minute miles and stayed there until the short(!) 25 minutes were up. I promised the Kisa I would start slow. I promised myself progressive. I stayed true to both of us. When my husband got home the very first thing he asked about was the run. I knew he wanted a pain report from me, myself and moi. Like a brat I gave him numbers, “Two thirty five in twenty five.” He smiled knowing what I didn’t say spoke volumes. The run and I were going to be okay. Later I confessed I lost a little mojo. I can’t run with my eyes closed.

The menu for tomorrow: Somehow I need to fit in 25 minutes of a run. I have no idea how that is going to work because Kisa and I are giving my sister a car. I’m definitely skipping the appetizer (strength training) and dessert (yoga) because we need to drive said vehicle to her three hours away; and on a an island, I might add. In addition we are planning to watch our nephews play in a baseball game (they’re on the same team – how cool is that?). The topper is we’re not staying overnight which means another three hour drive home. The big question is can I make this work?

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