That First Mile

Someone asked me what I remember about running my first mile. Was I elated? Was I proud? What exactly did I feel? This is going to sound terrible but I honestly don’t remember my first mile. At all. I couldn’t tell you how I felt because I know this: I had no clue when I reached one mile. In the very beginning I was doing this sort of make-it-up-as-I-go training. Um. I see now that some things never change. (I don’t have a real training plan for the next run.) Back in the day I would run for an indeterminate amount of time and walk until I felt I could run again. It wasn’t a prescribed 30/90 or even a distance thing (run to that tree; walk to the next fire hydrant). I just ran when I felt I could and walked when I knew I couldn’t. I didn’t really begin to mark progress until I could run for an entire song. I think in those days it was Sirsy and Rob Thomas, in that order. I forget the albums. My distance after each run was something of a surprise. I remember using Google to plot the distance (always after the fact) and one day the total mileage was something like 1.6 miles…I remember thinking that was a big deal because I didn’t have an asthma attack. In the grand scheme of things I came away from that first mile run relatively unscathed. But, I was more impressed with being able to say I ran “through” ten songs. Just to give you perspective, for Sirsy that was a whole album.

Here’s what I should do – dig out my old TnT training diary and see what my 2006 self said about that first mile…when I finally recognized it.

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