Bully Be You

I am one of those Sam & Fred kind of employees. I punch the clock, I do my job, I go home, repeat. I tend to leave workcrap at work and homesh!t stays home. Sort of. Every once in awhile I break the rules. Usually it’s because I step in it somewhere over here and can’t help but carry somewhere over there. Sometimes it gets so messy I track it back and forth a few times over.

I love my job, but I’m not one for politics. Say what you mean and never mind the mind games. Oh, how I can’t stand the games! Here’s one for you – I got an invitation to a soiree of sorts. I declined because I’m not that kind of girl. Got better things to do. Let’s be honest here. However…I was still expected to give a “gift”. A monetary one, no less. We don’t need you to attend the party, but your wallet better show up. Huh? Lemme back up. If this was a personal party I never would have been invited in the first place, but because it was political I was on The List; 100% participation was expected. Fine. I caved and conceded even though I couldn’t come I would write a check. Mind you, a check is a one-time payment…errr…donation for a set amount. It most definitely is not a payroll deduction nor is it a reoccurring credit card charge. And yet! Yet, after agreeing to this “contribution” I received a form with instructions: Your Total Amount; Your Deduction and Frequency; Signature Authorizing Credit Card.” What part of one time contribution did you not get? I’m already feeling pressured to pony up and now this? I read the form as subliminal extortion and blatantly ignored the instructions. Total amount: see enclosed check. Deduction and Frequency: 0. Signature for Credit Card: left blank. You may be a bully but I’m not hanging out in your playground.

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