Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Everyone does something stupid every once in awhile. My mistakes often come in threes. Three unique I Effed Ups in a row. The first, second and third truly was just one – not thinking like a girl when packing for Toronto. If I packed with every activity in mind I wouldn’t have anything to write about now. Here’s what should have happened.
Thought: in Toronto I am attending two concerts, one day and one evening. Action: pack dress-wear, nice shoes, makeup and jewelry.
Thought: in Toronto I am running a half marathon. Action: pack New Balance shoes, Wright socks, sunblock, lip balm, lube, bra, compression skinz & sleeves, top & hair ties. What if it rains? Backup weather plan: pack different socks (SmartWool), different bra, skort, more lube, & different top.
Thought: in Toronto I am staying at a decent hotel for three nights. Action: pack swimwear, yoga wear and something to lounge in just in case we have visitors or make new friends.
Thought: in Toronto we are going sightseeing. Action: pack comfortable shoes, comfortable socks, jeans and a tee-shirt or two. nothing fancy. Maybe a sweatshirt?
Thought: in Toronto I can’t be sure of the weather. Action: pack raincoat & sweater (concert-worthy).

Here’s what really happened: Thought: I’m seeing Natalie (twice!). Action: pack symphony appropriate clothes. Thought: I’m running 21k (finally!). Action: pack four different changes of run clothes; five different lubes & one pair of shoes. Thought: These are my last Natalie shows! Action: pack sweater in case of air conditioning in the theater. Thought: I’m running a half marathon! Action: Where’s my belt? Should I bring music? Thought: I’m seeing Natalie twice in 24 hours! Action: Should I bring something for her to sign? What about a camera? Thought: I’m running a real race in Toronto! Action: Note to self – remember to print out confirmation bib # and no (?!) to the music question. Merchant and Mara. Mara and Merchant.

What’s missing from the real thought process? Oh, just about half of what I should have packed.
So, here’s where stupid really gets serious. On our first full day in Toronto I realized I couldn’t shouldn’t walk around Toronto in the heels I packed to wear to the Natalie shows. So, (mistake #2) I bought some slip-on flats at a (cheap) Payless across from the hotel. Ever heard Sade sing about hurting like brand new shoes? Yup. By the end of the day I had two healthy blisters, albeit popped and pussed out, on my pinkie toes. Mistake #3. I did nothing about it for a whole day. Yup. You read that right. A whole day of blistering new shoes and it wasn’t until Saturday that I decided to apply skimpy, worthless, do-nothing band aids. By then one foot was raw and the other? Bleeding. I would be running a 21k with pre-race blisters. Fan-fukcing-tabulous. But there you have it, for better or worse. I was married to my mistakes.

The takeaway from this experience? I have decided I cannot do things the easy way when it comes to the run. Not only had I decided to make the half marathon more difficult by foregoing any music (because I always, always, always run with music), I added painful blisters to the mix. What would I think of next!? You don’t want to know.

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