Annoying One

When I first thought of the title for this entry I knew I was going to start blathering about a dinner date I had last week. (Definitely not you, Smiley. đŸ˜‰ ) This is one half of an otherwise great couple and I just have to vent. I have to. Every time I go out with him and her I can count on two things: him to crack me up and her to annoy the crap out of me. It wouldn’t be so bad if I couldn’t bet my life (yes, My Life) on the fact that this woman will bring up three things every time I see her. Yes. Every. Single. Time. Without fail. I can guarantee she’ll bring up an illness of hers, beginning with the sentence, “I can’t (fill in the blank) because of my (insert varying allergy/syndrome/disease/virus/ailment here).” She usually launches into how bad the WhateverItIs is for several long-winded minutes. Not so bad until she circles back to the whatever ten minutes later. Or. Or! Or, this is the worst – she contradicts the whatever by ordering/subjecting herself the very thing she not supposed to do/see/be within 500 yards (This is her: hand to head. Sigh. “I’ll just take an Advil.” Sigh. “I’ll be fine.” Sigh.) I bet my life she’ll also mention the home-schooling of her children (home-high-schooling at this point). She is the proud parent of the kid who says “oxygen potassium” instead of “okay.” Get it? OK? And the third thing she’ll mention without fail? The Fitbit badge she has just earned (I walked to India!!!) OR how badly she whoops someone’s azz in some app trivia game (okay, so usually both Fitbit and trivia come up so that’s actually four things she will mention without fail). I sound bitchy. I sound awful, but. But! But, here’s the thing. I could really like this woman if she had something new to say…something like “I feel great today!” Imagine that.

But. That’s not what this is supposed to be about. This is supposed to be about the fact that I ran one mile last night. One single, solitary,  annoying, little mile. That’s what the training plan called for so that’s what I did. It took longer to change my clothes, put my hair up and lace my shoes than it did to run the meager mile. I was jumping off the tread as soon as I jumped on. Ridic. One mile. In truth, it actually worked out because I had a Just ‘Cause walker meeting to get ready for…but that’s a story for another day.

Song of the run: I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons.

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