Catch My Breath

I need a moment to breathe. Okay, a few moments. I have started to fall behind on the running recaps. That’s what happens when your motherboard dies a slow and agonized death and it takes forever to get anything done. For now, I’m digging the silence. I am less than two weeks out from a proper half marathon and the mental cogs are churning. Two weeks in a row I ran 13.1 and then went about my business as if nothing of the sort occurred. “Just another training run.” There is a small part of me that has been saying, Yeah? What of it? So? while another part of me (much, much larger) is freaking out. That voice is definitely louder, saying what the what?! Or, more accurately Are you fukcing kidding me? Have you lost your freaking mind?! I am constantly telling Kisa how crazy this all is. I make comparisons to me, myself and moi from “the last time.” I’m sure I’m driving him mad. “Last time I ran like this I was on crutches for a month…last time I ran like this I couldn’t stop coughing; thought I was going to lose a lung”…the last time…the last time….it’s enough to drive me crazy, too.

There is one thing that is the same. Bra burn. I.Can’t.Get.It.To.Stop. Every time I run I chafe. Bad. Doesn’t matter what bra I wear. Doesn’t matter what lube I apply. Doesn’t matter how long the run. I burn up every time. I look like a freaking burn victim. I’m hoping ToRunTo is cold, cold, cold because I think that will help. In the meantime, I taper. The numbers until race day are minimal: 5, 3, 4, 1?, 3. So. Five more runs, one being just a mile. Huh? Not sure I get that one, but okay. Whatever.

As an aside, I still plan to post the other blogs even though they are old news. I think it’s important to take ownership of past runs, even though they are just that, in the past.

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7 thoughts on “Catch My Breath

  1. ack! Sorry to hear about the chaffing. Sounds like your bra is too loose, allowing it to slip and slide around while you run. Maybe get a more fitted bra?

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