Time for the Gizmo?

I am not a sucker for the latest gadget or gizmo. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you my foray into tech gear has moved glacially. My family got our first phone in 1983. Today I have a manual can opener and I am fine with that. It took me forever to get a cell phone. It took me even longer to send my first text. My friends could tell who was texting, me or my husband, by how fast the reply came back to them. I still don’t own a Garmin, despite the fact I can be obsessed by the numbers. Sports technology has consisted of a pedometer I could clip to my waistband if only to monitor Just ‘Cause training walks. I think I’ve owned three total and used to feel naked without one…until I dropped one in the auto-flush toilet at LL Bean.
Last year I graduated to a fitbit flex and slowly stopped being so anal about the number of steps I took on a given day. Last year my training consisted of making sure I walked five miles every day, no matter what. Five miles a day. Period. No training schedule to adhere to, no convoluted planning when to get in the “long walks”. I just let it all go. And you know what? I was fine with all that.
But, speaking of the Garmin – last Sunday was the first time I questioned my lack of gadgetry. I ran around 01062 and 01060 thinking my every mile was being tracked, logged and computer. I was looking forward to the pace reports, elevation details, the undeniable proof of accomplishment. I was expecting to see 13 miles in black and white. So, when my phone gps didn’t map a thing, not one single mile, I felt let down, gypped even.
Maybe it’s time for a little technology.

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