Toronto Competition

Toronto started out as a chance to see Natalie Merchant in a different country with an international friend. One night show. One day show. Something different. I’ve never been to Toronto so Kisa and I decided to make a mini vacation out of the trip. We would drive. Insert a little sightseeing, infuse a little culture, eat lots of food and of course, indulge in great music. Back when I was training for who the hell knows, Germany mentioned the Toronto 5k and asked if I wanted to run it with him. Actually, his exact words were, “you should sign up. You could run with me.” With him? With him? Panic struck hard and fast. Obviously he doesn’t know me. I train alone. I race alone. Hell, I don’t even race. I run just to say I finish. I most certainly  don’t run well with others. I just don’t. That’s not to say I don’t wish it were different. Case in point: there is a woman in my neighborhood who looks like she could be a runner; a runner coming off a crazy bad injury. She dresses the part but hobbles down my street with determination practically every day. I have tried to break the ice, just say hello but she doesn’t even blink. Kisa commiserated commenting he’s tried, too. I guess she’s not all that friendly. Period.

But, back to Toronto. On the phone Germany said something about running something in Toronto. Here, let me send you the link, he says. Without really thinking about it I opened his email and clicked the link. Within seconds I was considering something. Running in Toronto yes,…but running what? Certainly not the 5k. Running with Germany was and will always be out of the question. I’ll say it again – will always be out of the question. But, with his voice droning on in the background I scanned the site. My eyes kept gravitating to the word marathon.  I did the math. Not enough time. But. But! But, there was always the half. Something about the half. Hmmm…I was already running 25-30 miles a week. My long runs were already 9-10 miles. What’s another three? Was my training for nothing suddenly turning into training for something? Mulling it over I promised myself I would see how the St. Pat’s 10k went. Maybe, I thought, if that was a success I would *consider* 13 miles. Germany still prattled on…something about his rowing machine and not really training. I clicked on the race route. Not bad. I checked the registration fee. A little steep but doable. Germany’s voice was getting further away as I did more than consider. I started planning.

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