Panic Mode

You know when you are prescribed medicine and you stop taking it as soon as you feel better? Okay, so maybe you don’t do that and that’s great, but me? I do that. That’s exactly what I do because  I don’t even like downing Advil after 60 miles for Just ‘Cause*. Headache? I’d rather wait it out than take anything. It’s a bad habit to not let science take care of you once in a while and yet, I fall off the prescribed plan every time. Case in point:

Confessional: I have not been keeping up with physical therapy.
Confessional: I have not been keeping up with strength straining…errrr…training.
Confessional: I have not been keeping up with yoga. Not even the after-run-quick-fix kind.

In a word, I suck. Okay, that’s two words, but you get the idea. Toronto* is 26 days away and the run itself is fine. That’s the problem. I walk away from ten miles without a single sore muscle so I know I’m good there. I’ve got so much “I Got This” I am making the assumption I’m Wonder Woman. But, aside from the run, it’s with everything else that I’m a loser. I’m the one who preached about motorcycle maintenance. You need to oil the machine, fine tune the engine, keep it fueled in order to achieve peak performance, right? I’m the one who went on and on about quiet payoffs and invisible rewards and all that. And then what? I’ve blown off my own maintenance plan for four weeks straight. Until last night. I went into panic mode. Immediately I scheduled a yoga date with Christine and we went at it for an hour. Standing poses, balancing poses, seated poses. Can I tell you how much I hate double pigeon? I was a good girl – I also tackled half an hour of physical therapy with an extra set of each exercise for good measure. Everything kicked my azz like an overdose. But. But! But, the good news is I felt the movement working. I’m not saying I’m “healed”; that I’m good to go. I didn’t know what ailed me, if anything at all. It’s just this: the hips started to open without popping, the quads remembered how to contract in order to lift the knees, the inner thighs stopped shaking. I’ll say it again, I’m not believing this was a quick fix, but it was a good reminder of just how important the “tune up” can be. Can someone tattoo* that on my forehead? Better yet, on my knees so every time I lace up to run I’m reminded of the prescription.

*more on those topics later…

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2 thoughts on “Panic Mode

  1. Ah, I empathize with this post. I’ve been terrible about keeping up with my yoga/strength training the last few weeks!

    • If it weren’t for the twinge in my knee and the date on the calendar I probably would have let the maintenance slide even more. *sigh*

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