Checked and Rechecked

This last week has been full of lists needing checks: Wage a war on cat hair in prep for mom’s visit. Check. Well, considering that included dusting, vacuuming, washing, scrubbing, more vacuuming and laundry it’s more like check, check, check, check, check and check. Then there was mapping the trip to Red Bank. Check. Collecting the mother from the island. Check. Collecting the sister from Peaks. Check. Hotel. Check. Funeral wear. Check. Kisa’s tie. Check. Work. Check. Payroll. Check. Cats fed. Check. All of this left little time for any kind of running except running around going slightly crazy.
As far as the real run report is concerned, looking back I logged 7.31 on the last day of March (which brought March’s total to almost 76 miles) and I squeezed in a 2.81 miler this Thursday right before our trek to Jersey. Blah. I was fully prepared to run at the Molly sometime after the funeral; the gym did look pretty nice, but a late night of porters and stouts and pizza with cousins then the sister’s plea for an early morning departure left little time for any tread. Realistically, I didn’t have anything in the tank anyway. Mourning of any kind saps my energy.
So. So, now it’s time for a recheck. The Toronto half is exactly a month away…Well, it is if the month is a February in a leap year. I need to refocus my efforts on yoga, PT and strength training because after the last 7.31 I have to admit…I was a little achy. The right knee was squawking loud enough for me to take note and worry…just a little.
Tomorrow being Easter doesn’t mean much except an opportunity to get together with more family. My only obligation is a diabolic cranberry sauce with serrano and chipotle. My schedule is supposed to be eight miles but I’m thinking I should push it to at least ten since Thursday was supposed to be seven and it ended up being under three and Friday was supposed to be five and it ended up being my butt in a car all day. Somehow 2.81 isn’t a good substitute for a planned 13. Repeat after me – ugh.
The exciting news is I might be able to log 8-10 in my old ‘hood. Back where the running began and I trained for TnT’s half marathon. I think if I run ten miles on my old stomping grounds I might break down and cry. My longest run was eight the last time I lived there. I would love to run strong over that exact spot where my knee gave out; where I crumpled to the ground in a confused and distressed heap. I would love to leap over the ghost of fear and crush that pain once and for all.

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