Last Minute Mumbo

So. I thought about bailing on the Thursday-turned-Friday run. I wasn’t feeling great and thought a quiet night on the couch reading a psychological thriller would be the better deal. I thought about it until me reminded moi St. Pat’s is next weekend. This is my last week to finish strong (and then hang around doing that taper thing). With my resolve sort of back in place the resolution was to run the same six pattern me, myself and moi ran on Tuesday. Same speed, same incline. So, like every other run I lit a candle for the ones not with me, fired up New Guinea and went to change. And stalled. I didn’t have anything to wear. This is not like standing in front of a closet full of clothes and whining about not being in the mood for plaid or pinstripes. I literally had nothing to wear. Everything was in the wash. Well, nearly everything. To be fair, my yoga gear was available but I can’t wear cotton anything on a run. Not even socks. If I have to wear cotton I hear the couch calling my name. St. Pat reminded me about next Saturday and that was that. I broke into my summer stash of run gear and selected a hot pink and black skort and a Just Cause training shirt. I look like a demented cheerleader but what the fukc. I need to run, right? Then New Guinea whined about needed a lube. Why now? That couch was looking better and better. I heard Patrick again and lubed the dread. Now? Now can I run? was all I could ask.

Last night’s run was a little better than Tuesday. I finished with 6.46. Not sure how that happened when all my settings were exactly the same, but I’ll take it. Other than a little growl from the inside of my right knee it was a great run.

I ended the night with a little iPod maintenance. Time to get Patrick’s set list together. I had been thinking I would run to the exact same music as last year – give myself a little musical gauge of pace by remembering where I was on the course the last time a song had been played. Decided against that when I remembered I wanted to skip certain songs (anything by The Fray has been dragging me down for some reason). I’m still keeping Supply and Demand by Amos Lee as my start song. It’s got a super easy beat that keeps me from charging the gates. Read: setting out too fast. I also kept 10,000 Maniacs’s Cotton Alley because it’s the epitome of my childhood. I was always running from a berry war, too.

Next up – 11 miles tomorrow. I wanted it outside but guess what? The weather bastards are predicting snow and rain. Rain and SNOW. Delicious.

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