Sexy Six

The eight feet of snow outside my front door is finally melting. Drip. Drip. Drip. Water, water everywhere yet the warmer weather is making me restless! Last year I trained on the tread right up until the St Pat’s 10k. In fact, the first outdoor run was the 10k. As a result the outside factors were unforgiving – wind, hills, puddles, people, did I mention the hills? All elements I hadn’t been training for or against. I’m starting to get the fever for the out of doors. I’m starting to conspire with the incline outside my door. I want to run you, simply because you are one mile of pure uphill. I want out!

Not so last night. Last night saw me in the basement again. Me and New Guinea, battling it out again. The routine is always the same: light a candle for those here, change out of the librarian look, get the hair up and off my face, boot up the iPod, tell the dread where I want to go, then RunRunRun. The plan was six. A simple six. A foundation run. But! But. But, with a little sass it suddenly turned sexy. I always, always, always put the incline at 0.5% no matter how fast or how far I plan to run. I refuse to run flat. Last night I went just a little higher (just 1%), just for fun. My plan was supposed to be a warm up for 1.5 miles, 3 miles at foundation pace, and a cool down for 1.5 miles – an even 6 total. 4.5 miles into it I decided I didn’t need the cool down. Instead I wanted to crank up. I’m starting to trust that I can test the limits. When it was all said and done I had done 6.41. Best song of the run? Seven Years by Natalie Merchant. The guitar/drum exchange at the end is killer. “I might forget you, but not forgive.”

I learned a lesson last night. My knees are fine. My hip will be fine, as long as I keep up the PT and yoga. My heart is fine. Me & Myself, we’re fine if we can get out of our own way. I can do more, be more if I just let myself lead the way. Next run: Thursday = hills. Dare I say outside?

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