Uphill Battle

There is something about Thursdays. Don’t know what it is, but I fall off the plan every Thursday. A little over a week ago I was supposed to run five and ended up running two-something. Remember that day? But, let’s not talk about that. I have something worse to report. Sad to say this last Thursday was no different. I fell off the plan and ran…nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero. How’s that for what the hell? I put my feet up on the couch and read “Chasing Monarchs” by Pyle. I have no idea what’s going on with Thursdays. But! But. But, let’s talk about Friday. Friday! Hill work. 5.32 miles with the incline starting at 3% and up. Up and up and up. I loved it. Every second of steep was good. It brought out the growl in me. I didn’t want to slow down so as the incline went up so did my resolve. I will beat this hill. Bring. It. On. Most inspirational song was NOT “Running Up That Hill” but “It’s A Coming” by Natalie Merchant.

Sadly, that was the end of running for the week. A total of 10.88 miles. As I suspected it would, the Garden State Parkway parked my ambition to run anywhere. The hotel wasn’t much better. The lobby was under construction so the front desk was crammed into tiny room 122. The “work out facilities” were rumored to be somewhere on the second floor (same floor as our room, oddly enough); after seeing the makeshift front desk I opted to let the rumor live. I had no desire to research the truth or check out my options. I talked running instead. Germany wants to run Toronto. When I didn’t reply he assumed I wasn’t interested. He mistook my silence. Instead I was trying to formulate a response. $50 for a 5k? I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to spend $50 for three miles. Maybe I want something a bit more challenging…dare I say, something a bit more uphill?

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4 thoughts on “Uphill Battle

  1. Great job taking that hill! Wow, 50 dollars for a 5k? That’s way too steep (hehe, get it?) for me!

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