Pausing for Personal Identification

I was not born a runner. I was born a hater. All through high school (the world of mandatory organized sports) I was the girl who dove into the bushes only to emerge 20 minutes later, water-doused and panting, pretending to have just run the dreaded “loop”, a two mile course that circled campus. I avoided physical activity like the plague and as soon as the word “mandatory” was removed from my curriculum, the word “sports” was removed from my vocabulary.

Who knows what possessed me to attend a Leukemia & Lymphoma Team ‘n’ Training information session in December 2005. I don’t know. Looking back on the experience I’m still pretty amazed at how it all went down. I didn’t like anything organized, I didn’t like asking people for money and I certainly didn’t like to run. Ask anyone and those are the three things TNT stands for: teamwork, fundraising & some kind of challenge, running being the most popular. Why in the world would I sign up for this information session? What would this have to do with me? When, at the last minute, it was cancelled that should have been the end of it. Crazy moment averted. But no – the opportunity came around again & this time I made it to the meeting. Like someone in a trance I not only signed up to run a half marathon, promising to raise $3,000 while training with a group of women to boot. This time I didn’t dodge the crazy moment. I steered right for it. Head on collision with WhatTheFukc.

Fast forward to the days and weeks after the half. $3,000 successfully raised and 13.1 sort of successfully run. At this point I’ve damaged my knees, hurt my pride and sworn off running. But, something stuck in my soul. The charitable side of me latched on to the notion that I could continue to do good somehow, in some way. Two years went by. Then Noreen died and Just ‘Cause walked into my life. I found my calling. I have been walking this road for six years. I am currently trying to balance the run and the walk. But, what prompted this blathering you ask? I JUST received my first 2015 donation. Thank you.

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