Be Fair…Compare!

Back when my husband wasn’t tied to me by death-do-us-part; back when he was barely my knight in shining armor and more or less the new kid on the block in my heart he sat me down and advised me, in all seriousness, with four little words. Be fair. Don’t compare. For I was fresh off a four year flop. Why it lasted that long, I don’t know. Old Nobody and New Somebody couldn’t have been more different. Everything about them was polar opposite so there was plenty to compare. He knew it.

In truth, when your new Somebody is so much, much better that the last Nobody it is difficult NOT to line them up and delight in their differences. When it’s so good (so, so good) you need to gloat. Seriously. Such is the way of the run. Sunday saw 10.32 miles. For every step beyond 9.1 I made comparisons to the last time I was at this point. The last time I ran this distance it was pouring rain. The last time my feet moved me this far my hands were too numb to pull up my pants at the porta-potty (I used my teeth). The last time I saw 10.32 it felt like little gremlins were taking steak knives to my knees and studded clubs to my hips. The last time I ran 10.32 I had tears streaming down my face. I was cold and wet; in pain and exhausted. This time 10.32 saw me, myself and moi hot, sweaty, strong and fiercely alive.

Best song of the long run: Scorpio Rising by 10,000 Maniacs
Edited to add: I really wanted to put a song by AC/DC, only it was covered by Maroon 5. That just seemed wrong.

The numbers ahead: Confessional – I will do some maintaining this week. 5.5 tomorrow and 5 on Thursday but no long run. I’m headed to the hospital bed of a family member. That is a different long run in and of itself.

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4 thoughts on “Be Fair…Compare!

  1. I was really excited about the post until hte last two sentences. Best of luck and hope for a recovery!

    • Thanks~ is it wrong of me to hope the hospital has a secret gym so I can run off a few miles of pent up anxiety? bleck.

  2. Feels like it’s not wrong to hope…but maybe you don’t verbalize this?

    • My husband thinks I should wear a button that reads, “I’d rather be running!” because it applies to 75% of my life! I guess I’m transparent enough not to verbalize it?

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