Seeing Spotty Spots

A little while ago I was all bubbly about Spotify. Said I couldn’t wait to run to the playlists of others. I tried it. Tried it thrice. In a word: fail. In two words, Epic Fail. The run tunes of another do not match the legs of mine. After eight songs (all three times) the only one we had in common was Eminem’s Lose Yourself. No matter how I tried I couldn’t find the rhythm of a Fall Out Boy mashup. I ended up crashing. So, until I can investigate further I am shelving the Spotify idea and going back to what I know – my own listening crap. I say crap because it’s not WHAT I listen to that keeps me going. It’s HOW I listen to it; the game I play.

Take last night for example. I chose to run for 57 minutes (Why 57? Don’t ask). The iPod was on shuffle all songs. And when I say all songs I mean all songs. AC/DC to ZZ Ward. Abba to Zappa. A to Z and everything in between. Not every song has a perfect beat to run to, though. I love Robinella and Sade and Lucinda but sometimes they kill my patience and once they’ve killed that my tempo falls flat. The workaround? A game I play called “10 second rule”. I have to listen to EVERY song for at least 10 seconds no matter what before moving on to the next one. Once I find a song I can tolerate (Jeff Buckley’s New Years Prayer isn’t bad, mostly because I love the line, “run past your funeral” and the drums are kick azz) or one that motivates (Amos Lee’s Supply and Demand), I let the whole song play out. And so it goes until I read “workout complete” (yes, I’m still running on the dread). Why no playlist of my own, you ask? Simple. I get bored too easily. Yes, I have my favorites (10,000 Maniacs “My Mother the War”, Rolling Stones “Paint it Black”, Mieka Pauley “We’re All Gonna Die” and Tom Petty “Running Down a Dream” among many others), but I have the attention span of a flea. I need more. So I play the game.

As February draws to a close (thank freakin’ g), here are the numbers (because I don’t plan to run again until Sunday’s 10):

  • Total – 72.43 miles
  • Longest – 9.1 miles
  • Shortest – 2.83 miles
  • Missed runs: 2 Fridays – Confessional: I have dropped Fridays to protect my hips and I find myself working my second job on Fridays.

February pretty much doubled January’s numbers, not that it matters any. I’m still not working towards anything specific except the 10k in a few weeks (providing my life doesn’t fall apart before then).

Best new song: Georgia Warhorse by JJ Grey & Mofro. Actually the WHOLE album is great, but I particularly like the title track.

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