Things happen for a reason. Of that I am sure. I bailed on running last Thursday because my mind wasn’t really on the run. When me & myself spend too much time thinking about work and family there is very little left for moi. The last time I posted I promised a 10k over the weekend. Saturday turned into Sunday but I got the 6.23 done. Yay me. But! But. But, all that other stuff didn’t go away. I’m still a stress knot of nerves. Family. Work. Let’s add Home to the mix. I won’t say much about family except to say these words: ICU, intervention, separation. I’ve been on the phone a lot today. But, a comment – who hasn’t worried about her mother at one time or another? Work. Here are some words – audit, budget, accreditation, the DOE, search committee. It’s all happening at once. Categorically. Then there’s home sweet home. We had an ice dam raining in the house. This is a common occurrence for New Englanders from time to time. I have no reason to bellyache when others are losing their entire houses due to collapse. Only this – we paid thousands of dollars to get the problem fixed last year. See, this has happened before and we thought we had it fixed. Only, this year the ice dam formed two feet above the fix. It’s almost as if motherf^$%^ing nature decided to mess with us, laughing all the while. Here, have some more crap. We spent $– to get the ice removed & just today got a quote for a secondary fix. FukcU. Can you tell I’m beyond irritated?

So. Enough of all that. Where are we with the run? Nowhere. Nothing to report yet. Tonight is 5 miles. Maybe.

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