Embryonic Beginnings

Has this ever happened to you? You are looking for one thing and you find another? Sometimes that other thing is something you have been missing for what seems like forever. Other times, well, you never even knew it was gone.

I was crawling around my mother’s attic looking for a book about a nun who left a convent after a bunch of years. Never mind the book or why I thought it was in the attic. Instead, consider this –  I found the stash of tapes. Mixed tapes. Back in the day…we’re talking 1982-ish…the most romantic thing a boy could do for me was make a Mixed Tape. And not just any old compilation of sappy music. I mean a mixed tape that goes all out – poetry, sound effects, cryptic messages, song flow, hearts a-bleeding. A real soul-poured-out Mixed Tape. Who am I kidding? I still love a good mixed tape.

And here, in my mother’s attic, was a whole stash of mixed tapes. I decided to take only two. One completely blank without even a clever title and one labeled simply “Danah Goodbye.” My name’s not Danah, by the way, but I know who she is. That had me curious.

The other night I decided to run to the blank mixed tape. I took a chance on the mystery music in a huge way. I can’t run to Dreamboat Annie. What if it sucked? What if it took my energy and sapped my resolve? I was more than a little skeptical when I pushed play. No Dreamboat floated out but something worse. Lovesick Beatles. “Who knows how long I’ve loved you?” Who knows how long I could run to this? I gave up and went for Baby (blog about that coming soon).

My training schedule only has me running two miles right now. Marry the small runs with intense hip therapy and give birth to yoga and you have my routine right now. It may be an embryonic beginning but it’s one foot in front of the other without fear.

2.05 miles
“From the ashes rise again.”

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2 thoughts on “Embryonic Beginnings

  1. can i guess who made the tapes … 😉 and what’s this i read about “training schedule”? time for wine. xo

  2. Was it the date that gave it away? If I find THAT tape I will completely freak out and have a meltdown. You better be on the other end of the line when I do! Training schedule – I may not be able to run IN Vegas as previously planned ($$ issue) but I am still running, if you know what I mean. Wine = yes!

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