Little Things

Last Friday night I went to an AIDS benefit that I knew my husband could benefit from…a beer tasting dressed up as a good cause. Or was it a charity event disguised as an alcoholic’s wet dream? Either way he needed to deStress and I was prepared to think “so not my thing” and suffer through niceties and whatnot. I was there to be supportive of a friend and a lover but instead  I found myself losing track of time and laughing. Actually having a great time. Imagine that! I tried beer and tried Beer; listened to my husband go on and on about the intricacies of a smokehouse porter (which turned out to be my favorite). I tried mead, met honey and ginger and fell in love with a libation. I could lose myself in this I joked with a brew master and giggled with her girlfriend. The bestest part was being able to hang out with one of my oldest friends over something that wasn’t dinner. We’re not tried and true beer drinkers but we know how to knock our heads back and laugh with gusto. I’ve missed that.
My recent chapter in life doesn’t allow for much more than meeting over meals so I was thrilled when we continued the connection and took the party elsewhere, my husband stumbling tipsy behind. True, it ended up over food but it was fabulous.

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