If You Want It

Lately my favorite motto has been, “if you want it badly enough, you will make it happen.” Doesn’t matter what IT is. If you want to visit that out-of-touch friend you will rearrange your schedule to accommodate his. If you want that new kitchen you will curb your spending on other things. It’s all about compromises and promises. If it really means that much to you, you will make it work. The underlying message is that you shouldn’t rely on anyone else to make IT happen. Just do.

I was talking to a friend last week. She was telling me about her recent struggles with cancer. She said getting up in the morning and putting one foot in front of the other is something she just has to do. “You just do” she said with a matter of fact grace that left me speechless. Yes. You just do. Amazing concept from an amazing woman.

I didn’t train very well for Just ‘Cause. I didn’t fund raise very well either. It all fell apart under the crushing weight of apathy. I didn’t give a crap if I was ready to walk 60 miles. Nor did I care if someone promised to donate and didn’t. They didn’t want to make it happen. Not my problem. Did you notice a lack of riot in the months leading up to the walk? I simply didn’t care one way or another. An incredible friend took the lead and in the end I walked the 60 without a single stop-me-now injury and, and. And! I raised $204 more than last year…with and without the broken promises.

UPDATE! The very same day I published this blog I got a belated donation to Just ‘Cause!  Turns out she does care. And so do I.

It just goes to show you that deep down I did want it badly enough. I made it through the walk and although I was ashamed of my pre-walk dedication I came through it no worse for wear. Next year I will do better because I want to.

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