Kisa was the only one to comment, “how come you haven’t said anything about the 10k?” Well…and here I trail off because I have a multitude of reasons for keeping mum. For starters, I was too proud of myself to put it into public words. Secondly, I was irritated by the walk/run crowd (I’ll tell you more about them in a minute). Third, I wanted to see if I still had a reason, a right, to celebrate.
Let me start from the beginning. January 9th 2013 marked my soft launch into training for both the run and Just ‘Cause. I was pretty religious with the training until February hit. Okay, so I was religious for about a month. Then, I stopped. Just. Like. That. No explanation. Somehow I lost my faith in the run AND the walk. I even started making excuses as to why I shouldn’t enter the 10k. I didn’t think I would or should until I did. Somehow I signed up.

Race day. If you have never run this particular race you won’t know that it is nearly all up. Up as in uphill. I didn’t train for hills. What am I saying? I didn’t train for anything, really. But, here’s the thing. I ran the whole six and change miles. I didn’t walk up a single incline; didn’t walk a single step. Like some other people. I didn’t stop my 11/mile pace for anything (not even a Coors light offered from the side of the road). But, it frustrated me that some “runners” would walk up hills and sprint on the straightaways. Yeah, you’re running a six minute mile…but you’re WALKING the rest of the time. It drove me nuts to be passed by people who I knew weren’t running the whole way.

My last reason for not wanting to talk about the race was a wait and see attitude. I wasn’t confident I wouldn’t feel some kind of knee/hip/ankle pain a day or week after the race. I wanted to make absolutely sure I really ran the whole thing pain free. That was important. Because if it I did, that meant I could keep this running thing going…again. On my terms.And in terms of pain, let’s just say there isn’t any. Finally.

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