Forgotten Lu’au

I wanted to call this blog the Great Day of Nothingness because I didn’t think anything special had really happened on our penultimate day on Maui. I was ready to call it “Gearing Up To Go Home” because that’s what I remembered. We packed, talked to the tattoo artists at Maui Atomic, we mailed stuff home, we cleaned the condo…Not so. Kisa reminded me we went to a lu’au that night. I’ll get to that later. I think the nothingness is more fascinating. What did we do, besides the lu’au? As I mentioned, we finally found the post office and mailed home treasures. We went to the Maui Brewing Company for lunch. Yummy beer and disgustingly fried appetizers (why do I insist in doing this to myself?). We packed. Cleaned the condo to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind. Found Robbie Big Balls and talked tattoos. I guess it’s because we weren’t doing anything too touristy that I remember that as being a highlight. I think I was tired of chasing the sights. I wanted to just Be. If that makes any sense.

But, I suppose I need to talk about the lu’au. It started off rocky. We had agreed on a meeting time and since Kisa and I were early we decided to do some last day shopping (sound familiar?) We were just wrapping it up, literally, when we got word that the rest of the family was already in the lu’au, drinks in hand. What? What happened to waiting in the parking lot and all going in together? They are the ones who had the tickets. Never mind. It shouldn’t have bothered me, but the situation was very reminiscent of our last full day on Oahu. It was uncanny how similar the situations were. I held a grudge.

The lu’au itself was nice. Seeing the traditional roasted pig was the bomb. The desserts were to die for. The dancing was fun. But, it all seemed a little too frothy. A little too I don’t know what. I think I would have done better with a round of cocktails on the beach…

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