Hana Part I

Day 10. The Road to Hana. Now that Cassidy has been found I can get back to writing about Hawaii!
So. Day 10. All morning long I was humming “we’re on the Road to Hana” to the tune of Talking Heads’s “Road to Nowhere.” It seemed fitting.

If you have never been on the Road to Hana on the island of Maui there is no way I can describe it to you. Really. I can go on and on about the twists and turns (over 600 of them of the “hairpin” variety), the lush, dripping verdant vegetation, the steep and bottomless ravines, the decrepit one-lane bridges and you still, after all that, wouldn’t understand. In my mind I could never describe it accurately.
My favorite stops along R2H were early in the adventure. We took a detour to the Garden of Eden and I climbed a tiny waterfall.

The Garden of Eden had two viewing options – by car or by foot. Since we knew we would be in the car for many hours to some we opted to park and explore the grounds on foot. I am so glad we did because we would have missed at least 75% of the garden if we had decided to stay trapped in the car. Seriously. How can you hike through an enchanted forest or see a bamboo forest otherwise?
As with the Kula gardens all of the cultivated vegetation in the Garden of Eden was well marked with identification tags. All of the paths were well maintained and very easy to navigate. I never felt like I was “missing” something.
The strangest part of the garden was the enchanted forest I mentioned before. Strewn in curious places were toys, furniture, nicknacks, baubles, you name it. Fairies, ducks, cats, chairs, unicorns, mermaids, dolphins, wizards, mirrors, flower pots, dinosaurs, even a Lion, Witch, Wardrobe lamp post. Hidden among the foliage. It was like a treasure hunt to discover them all. Well, I made it into a hunt because I insisted on photographing them all.goggle
But, my favorite part of the Garden of Eden was the bamboo forest. I grew up with pesky rampant growing bamboo so I thought I knew its kind. I was wrong. The Garden of Eden has more variation than my brain could process. I was blown away by how tall, how large, how colorful each species could be. In my mind I saw the Kon Tiki and instantly understood its construction.black bamboo

Climbing the waterfall was intense. Even though it was a teeny tiny one I went by myself. This was the Hawaiian adventure I wanted to have: getting out and DOING stuff – hiking around getting dirty, sweaty, tired. A lot of the adventure was traveling by car. We’d pop out of the vehicle for 20-30 minutes and then drive somewhere else. Actually climbing and getting dirty was awesome and I wish we did more of it. Maybe next time.
long way down

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