Snuba Silly

What is an adventure if not for a little daring? Can you call a moment courageous if the risk is missing? These are the questions I asked myself while waiting to board the Four Winds II, a snorkel excursion boat headed for Molikini Reef. Snorkeling, this I had done twice before and am somewhat comfortable with doing again. But, I had a choice. I could add SNUBA into the mix, something completely new and potentially mind blowing. Snuba is a portmanteau of snorkeling and scuba diving.
However, just because I previously said I am fascinated with marine life and their underwater world doesn’t mean I’ve always had the ambition to join it that intensely. Despite wanting to swim with sea turtles I have never been motivated to get a license to dive. To me, the activities seemed inherently different. Call me crazy but I haven’t been wild about diving into the Atlantic. For one, it’s much colder. Secondly, the fish aren’t, shall we say, tropically brilliant? and let’s not forget my inability to swim. There seemed to be plenty of reasons for me not to mingle with the world under the sea.
But, there I was, in line to board for Four Winds II, listening to a sales pitch on SNUBA – how safe it was, how easy it was, how fun it was…and did I mention safe? My heart was pounding but when they asked who would be interested in taking the nonrefundable snuba plunge I quickly raised my hand. No fear.
No fear until we had a two page health form to fill out and a lesson on clearing the ears. Panic hovered when we were asked to try. I faked it. I have never been able to clear my ears on command. I would have to go on pure faith I could do it during the dive.
Once in the water there were a few things I needed to get used to – a weight belt tugging at my hips, a regulator throwing bubbles in my face, and a camera with an extreme delay. Once I became friends with all those elements I became a diving fiend. I took as many pictures as possible, chasing fish from one end of the reef to the other. I stalked particularly beautiful creatures in hopes of capturing their faces. Many were camera shy. Either that or I suck as an underwater photographer! The best moment was Trey taking my picture with Kisa. A moment in time to last forever.

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2 thoughts on “Snuba Silly

  1. love love love the picture! and i’m proud of you for tackling your fear.

  2. We ran into the photographer in Paia the next day. He told us he couldn’t get a good shot because of kisa’s bubbles! Who knew I would be the photogenic one this time?? 🙂

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